Versace Eau Fraiche For Men EDT 紳情男士淡香水 30ml/50ml/100ml/Tester 100ml

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 Versace Man Eau Fraîche eau de toilette, a new harmony of scent where the most classic ingredients of men's scents are refreshed with unusual notes, giving life to a surprisingly fresh fragrance. Carambola immediately contrasts with the traditional White Lemon and the noble Rose Wood. The distinctive character of Cedar Leaves rises up, highlighting the vibrant notes of Tarragon and the manliness of Clary Sage. An irresistible trail of Sycamore Wood, enveloping Amber and sparkling Musk offer mysterious and skin-deep sensations

Notes: Carambola, White Lemon, Rose Wood, Cedar Leaves, Tarragon, Clary Sage, Amber, Musk

Versace Man EauFraîcheeau de Toilette,一種新的調和香氣,其中男士香精的最經典成分以不尋常的香氣清新,賦予了令人驚奇的新鮮香氣。楊桃與傳統的白檸檬和高貴的玫瑰木形成鮮明對比。雪松葉子的獨特特徵上升,突出了龍蒿的活潑香氣和克萊里·塞奇的男子氣概。令人難以抗拒的梧桐木痕跡,包裹的琥珀色和波光粼粼的麝香帶來神秘而皮膚深沉的感覺。


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