Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDT 拉夫勞倫 - 藍色馬球男士淡香水75ml

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDT 拉夫勞倫 - 藍色馬球男士淡香水75ml

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The Polo Blue eau de toilette was launched by the design house in 2003 by Christophe Laudamiel and Carlos Benaim. It features notes of melon de Cavaillon, lush accord, lush watery melon, fresh-sliced cucumber, clary sage absolute, tangerine, basil verbena, and geranium. It also contains velvety moss, washed suede, patchouli Coeur, amber wood, and sheer musk. The wide mix of fragrances is what gives it a highly versatile use. Whether for work, a party, or an evening out, this Ralph Lauren cologne variant for men will give a fresh burst of confidence in any situation.

Top note: melon, mandarin orange, cucumber
heart note: geranium, basil, sage
Base note: suede, musk, woodsy note.

Ralph Lauren‎‎的‎‎Polo Blue‎‎是一款在2003年推出的芳香香型森林調的男用香水。 ‎‎是調香師Carlos Benaim 和 Christophe Laudamiel調製的。Ralph Lauren 系列中最受歡迎的香水之一, 成熟優雅的男士也會注意自己的每一處細節,香水是很好的為自己增加魅力的“工具”。作為時尚界的佼佼者,拉爾夫·勞倫推出的每一款香水都得到了用戶的認可。這款藍色馬球是一款清淡的男士香水,它的標籤是木香,海洋,清新辛辣。

前調 : 黃瓜, 甜瓜 和 橘子;

中調 : 羅勒, 鼠尾草 和 天竺葵;

基調 : 絨面革, 木質元素 和 麝香。‎ 

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