Yves Saint Laurent YSL Libre EDT 聖羅蘭 - 自由女士淡香水50ml/90ml

Yves Saint Laurent YSL Libre EDT 聖羅蘭 - 自由女士淡香水50ml/90ml

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Walking the line between the masculine and the feminine, the new fragrance is everything that makes libre eau de toilette so it-conic. But reinterpreted with a bright, fresh sensuality that makes it more dazzling and skin-enveloping than ever, its delicate light golden pink nuance undressed in all its sexy glory by a new, taller iteration of libre’s it-couture bottle.

Infusing a pure, soft white tea accord into the freshness of diva lavender and the burning sensuality of orange blossom absolute, libre eau de toilette accents the fragrance’s signature tension between cool and hot. The caress of the sun and the freshness of water. A sexy fusion of scent and bare flesh, expressing today’s need for more transparency and human connection.

遊走於剛強與嫵媚的邊界,全新LIBRE淡香水奏出明亮清新的調子,細緻淡黃金粉紅的香水脫下華麗大衣,改以全新性感修長的LIBRE IT-COUTURE新衣示人。


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