Versace Yellow Diamond EDT 范思哲黃鑽女士淡香水50ml

Versace Yellow Diamond EDT 范思哲黃鑽女士淡香水50ml

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A perfume which enchants with its Mediterranean refinement of sparkling Bergamot, Citron of Diamante, and noble Neroli, with the captivating addition of irresistible and attractive accents of Pear Sorbet. The heart celebrates an intense and glamourous femininity, which expresses itself with creamy and velvety facets of Jasmine petals and Osmanthus, together with precious notes of Orange Blossom and Freesia. The sensual and enveloping dry down is based on deep and vibrant tones of Amber Wood and Palo Santo, enriched by the voluptuous notes of Benzoin and sparkling and seductive Musk.

Versace Yellow Diamond 香愛黃鑽女性淡香水:彷彿訴說著一段水晶轉化為鑽石的故事。獨一無二的瓶身設計,代表著華麗又晶瑩剔透的珍貴黃鑽,傳遞那歷久不衰的優雅,與精緻而無懈可擊的美麗。精確切割出的多角琢面強化了它鮮明的顏色與光澤,像是真正黃鑽一樣的優美琢面線條,創造出令人驚艷的光影效果;將它絕對精純的美麗,封存在那黃鑽般的瓶蓋之中。 外盒設計的靈感來自於VERSACE經典的巴洛克風格圖騰,好像是為這眾所矚目的珍貴黃鑽披上一件奢華精緻的外衣。清透白色漸層到鮮明的黃色,還有炫麗的藍色logo,在外盒閃耀著那讓人印象深刻的亮麗對比。

 香調: 花果清新調
前調 : 柑橘、橙花、佛手柑、洋梨雪泥
中調: 柑橘花、含羞草、小蒼蘭、睡蓮
後調: 麝香、琥珀木、零陵香木 

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