Trussardi Uomo EDT 楚沙迪 - 尊爵男性淡香水 7ml/50ml

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Trussardi Uomo embodies an elegant, yet contemporary fragrance which conveys the sophistication of the Italian spirit. The top notes consist of an accord of scents inspired by aromas typical to Italy, such as lemon, galbanum and bergamot. These aromas take us to the middle notes of violet and geranium, creating a striking blend. The finish reveals notes of clary sage, leather and patchouli, which add a feeling of luxury and texture to this fiery, seductive fragrance. The mysterious black bottle epitomises strength and class and the result is powerful and decisive.



 香調 - 柑苔調
前調 - 白松香、肉荳蔻、香檸檬、檸檬
中調 - 老鸛草、紫羅蘭、快樂鼠尾草
基調 - 廣藿香、橡木苔、皮革

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