Tiffany & Co Rose Gold EDP 蒂芙尼玫瑰金女士香水 50ml

Tiffany & Co Rose Gold EDP 蒂芙尼玫瑰金女士香水 50ml

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Bright and effervescent, Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold fragrance embodies the spirit of optimism. Created by master perfumer Jerome Epinette of Robertet, the fragrance opens with a sparkling top note of blackcurrant that’s fresh and captivating. At the heart of the fragrance is blue rose, a unique varietal born from a Japanese rose and violet. This ingredient adds delicate citric and floral notes and nods to the fragrance’s inspiration. For the base note, ambrette seed offers a deep musk and iris scent that creates a warming finish. Personalise this bottle with custom engraving to make it the perfect gift.

Top note: Blackcurrant

Middle note: Blue rose

Base note: Ambrette seed

Tiffany Rose Gold 香氛明亮爽朗而充滿活力,體現出樂觀精神。此香氛由 Robertet 的香水大師 Jerome Epinette 調製,充滿活力的黑加侖子前調,清新而迷人。香氛的核心為藍玫瑰,這是由日本玫瑰和紫羅蘭混交而成的獨特品種。香氛的成分中加入了細緻的檸檬香調與花卉香調,向香氛的靈感致禮。基調的黃葵籽帶來深濃的麝香與鳶尾花香氣,打造出溫暖的氛圍。可以自選雕刻將瓶身個人化,打造完美禮物。

前調: 黑加侖子

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