Serge Lutens La Religieuse EDP 蘆丹氏 修女中性香水 100ml

Serge Lutens La Religieuse EDP 蘆丹氏 修女中性香水 100ml

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This fragrance encompasses a struggle between light and dark—jasmine, white as snow, and the deep allure of incense. It is brought back to earth by the base note of musky civet.

Serge Lutens has watched over the development of each of his unique fragrances from conception to the moment they fill the spray bottle. They sparkle like jewelry—pure, rich, and intoxicating. Small and ultra-portable, they can either be applied with the stopper for the sheer elegance of the gesture or sprayed on for ease and convenience.

Jasmine, Incense, Civet




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