Roberto Cavalli Florence EDP 佛羅倫斯女士香水75ml

Roberto Cavalli Florence EDP 佛羅倫斯女士香水75ml

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A radiant and blooming bouquet, blending gentle orange blossom and zesty grapefruit petals. This delicate combination is highlighted by slightly musky hibiscus seeds that add a touch of exoticism and mystery.Its contrasting notes of sweet Blackcurrant and slightly tangy mandarin essence create an explosion of life and energy.The dry-down builds on a luxurious chypre accord: sensuous musk and luminous amber offer an ideal counterpoint to mesmerizing patchouli. 

Top note: mandarin orange, black currant
heart note: orange blossom, grapefruit blossom, hibiscus, seed
Base note: patchouli, musk, amber

Roberto Cavalli Florence的靈感來自於婦羅倫薩女人的自然光彩,散發著花香果味氣息。彷彿依托納花園的幸福氣息,是為具有真實魅力的自由女性打造的一款香水。

香水的玻璃瓶上裝飾有獨特的花卉圖案,讓人聯想到傳統的意大利玻璃製品,粉紫色的香水與瓶頸優雅的金色體現了Roberto Cavalli品牌製造的獨特的女性魅力。

Roberto Cavalli Florence香水是一款花香甘苔調的香水,前調是充滿新鮮活力,帶著果味的柑橘和黑加侖的氣息,中調是完全的花香,橙花,西柚花和木槿花的混合,微調是由廣藿香、麝香和琥珀混合而成。

前調: 橘子,黑醋栗
中調: 橙花,葡萄柚開花,芙蓉,種子
基調: 廣藿香,麝香,琥珀 

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