Rituals Ayurveda Fragrance Sticks 杏仁油和印度玫瑰香氛棒 70ml/250ml

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Fragrance sticks based on Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil. Enjoy the gentle fragrance of ancient Ayurvedic ingredients Almond Oil and Indian Rose for a relaxing effect on body and soul. Perfect for use all over the house: from living room to bathroom, kitchen and toilet. Tip: for an additional fragrance experience, you can combine the fragrance sticks with The Ritual of Ayurveda scented candle.

The Ritual of Ayurveda香氛棒糅合印度玫瑰和甜杏仁油的和諧香氣,以令人愉悅的甜蜜花香點綴家居。適合家中任何一個角落,由客廳到浴室、廚房到廁所都不成問題。結合香薰燭效果更佳。  

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