Narciso Rodriguez Rouge EDT 納茜素胭脂女士淡香水50ml

Narciso Rodriguez Rouge EDT 納茜素胭脂女士淡香水50ml

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Narciso Rodriguez Rouge EDT is a fantastic eau de toilette that comes in a simple and elegant vial as it in perfect sense fits perfectly with the stylish, elegant and feminine woman who believes that the simple way of doing things is preferable . The red color usually symbolizes love, passion and temptation, and that is exactly what this EDT stands for, thanks to its fantastic combination of irresistible notes that go in perfect harmony with each other.

Narciso Rodriguez的Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette是一款花香型木質麝香調的女用香水。 Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette是在2019年推出的。 Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette是調香師Sonia Constant 和 Nadege le Garlantezec調製的。

前調 : 玫瑰(薔薇) 和 鈴蘭;

中調 : 麝香;

基調 : 零陵香豆, 雪松, 白雪松萃取物 和 香根草。  

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