Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Cristal EDP 納茜素薔薇水晶女士香水 50ml

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Cristal EDP 納茜素薔薇水晶女士香水 50ml

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Narciso Rodriguez introduces NARCISO Eau de Parfum Cristal, the luminous and addictive new perfume for women in the iconic NARCISO collection. The fragrance is a tribute to radiant femininity, reflecting the inner light of the NARCISO woman, just as the facets of a crystal radiate light to reveal its natural beauty.

This new feminine perfume captures the essence of inner light through its radiant topnotes, pure and delicate heart, and sensual base notes. As the scent awakens, a glowing halo of radiant bergamot illuminates the soft petals of blooming flowers, a lush bouquet of upcycled rose and white floral accords. The musc is enhanced with elegant woody and amber facets of sensuous cedarwood and cashmeran, giving the fragrance a mysterious, diffusive trail.

        這款由Natalie Gracia-Cetto調香的以女性為核心的淡香精,通過清甜的前調、純潔細膩的中調和感性的基調,輕聲訴說女性的性感魅力,同時捕捉到內在光芒的本質。


香 調: 木質花香調,

前 調: 義大利佛手柑、小蒼蘭、玫瑰、橙花

中 調: 茉莉、白花花瓣、茉莉、雪松,

後 調: 琥珀、喀什米爾麝香、安息香脂、白麝香

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