Maison Margiela Replica Whispers Candle 馬丁馬吉拉圖書館私語香氛蠟燭 165g

Maison Margiela Replica Whispers Candle 馬丁馬吉拉圖書館私語香氛蠟燭 165g

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Recall the enchanting and woody atmosphere of an antique library. The Whispers in the Library candle will bring a luxurious mystery in your home, recreating the bewitching atmosphere of an antique library with woodwork perfectly waxed and full of old books.

The atmosphere created by Whispers in the Library candle is slightly Retro/vintage but very luxurious. Its woody spicy scent brings a deep energy that boosts your mind and invites to contemplating and thinking, or read with attention.

The renowned perfumer Marie Salamagne used Pepper essence, Benzoin and Vanilla to evoke the familiar scent of books; and chose Cedar Wood to evoke hours spent reading at a perfectly waxed wooden desk.

Capturing this contrasted and luxurious scent in a candle wax required many hours of work, as its noble ingredients (such as benzoin absolute and cedarwood essence) are particularly delicate to manipulate.




前調:粉紅胡椒 , 橙花原精 , 廣藿香
中調:莎草 , 東加豆 , 安息香
後調:香草原精 , 柏木 , 香根草 

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