Maison Margiela Replica Coffee Break EDT 馬丁馬吉拉咖啡小憩中性淡香水 30ml

Maison Margiela Replica Coffee Break EDT 馬丁馬吉拉咖啡小憩中性淡香水 30ml

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The comforting and tasty sensation of a break over a warm and creamy coffee. Coffee Break captures a cozy break in a coffee shop in the middle of winter. Strong flavors of Arabica beans and the smell of warm pastries spread their flavors into the air. You enjoy the aromatic warmth of a coffee sip.

Coffee Break by Maison Margiela relives a comforting break over a creamy coffee thanks to the soft milk mousse accord and the addictive effect of the coffee fragrance.

Rediscover the fresh sensation of soaking your lips in the milk mousse thanks to notes of spearmint and lavender essence, with the coffee machine reassuringly whirring in the background.

A shot of pleasure, a perfect blend of the aroma of roasted coffee beans and milk mousse, contrasted by a Fougere signature scent to capture the excitement of a modern city.

A classic perfume structure revisited, Replica Coffee Break blends texture, addiction, and vibration.



前 調: 胡椒、橙花、廣藿香
中 調: 薰衣草、咖啡、牛奶、零陵香豆、暹羅安息香、莎草、香附子
後 調: 香草、雪松、香根草

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