La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Balm B5+ 理膚泉 B5修護霜 100ml

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Ultra-repairing soothing balm clinically proven to immediately soothe uncomfortable, damaged, or irritated skin It is suitable for the whole family and tested in 14 indications. With the power of the exclusive pre-biotic Tribioma. It is enriched with Madecassoside - an active repair ingredient - soothing Panthenol and antibacterial agents. It soothes, nourishes and protects dry skin, helping to restore barrier function. For all skin types.

修復受損脆弱敏感肌膚、舒緩刺激性皮炎。5% PANTHENOL、維他命B5及積雪草萃取物有效舒緩皮膚敏感症狀及迅速抗刺激降紅 。適合嬰兒、小童、成人,呵護全家人的面部及身體肌膚。 新添加專研益生精粹,有助均衡肌膚內部環境,強韌肌膚皮障,提升抗禦力,穩定肌態。 搭配兩大修護成分,高濃維他命B5和積雪草葉萃取,協配合保濕成分,滋潤保濕,舒緩肌膚乾燥和紅痕,提升肌膚修護力。 舒適質地,易延展推開,可快捷被肌膚吸收,清爽不黏膩。

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