La Mer The Concentrate 海藍之謎極極緻修護精華 50ml

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靈感源自海藻的全新瓶樽設計,盛載著廣受愛戴的經典配方。The Concentrate 極緻修護精華蘊藏高濃度細胞更生甘露Miracle Broth™活膚精華,顯著鎮靜泛紅、刺激和其他炎症跡象。強化膚質,展現更強韌的健康活力。適合敏感肌膚使用,不會引起暗瘡粉刺。

A new kelp-inspired design with the same beloved formula within. This restorative treatment is infused with a concentrated form of cell-renewing Miracle Broth™ to help visibly calm redness, irritation and other signs of inflammation


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