Jaguar Classic Blue EDT 捷豹經典藍色男士淡香水100ml

Jaguar Classic Blue EDT 捷豹經典藍色男士淡香水100ml

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Jaguar Classic Blue men's fragrance, with a shiny aluminum bottle cap, also sees the master's design style. After the introduction of the X-Type premium car, the designer created a new design with this car as a design. The scent of perfume, along with the fluent silver aluminum strip wrapped around the bottle, is even more distinguished!

Ocean Tune ;

Top note: seaweed, sandalwood ;

Middle notes: vetiver, cardamom, sandalwood ;

After adjustment: sandalwood, musk, lavender, mint.

香 調: 木質花香調 、 海洋清新調

前 味: 柑橘、佛手柑、圓柏漿果、薰衣草、羅勒、大茴香

中 味: 橙花、蓮花、生薑

後 味: 白麝香、檀木、安息香 

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