Hugo Boss Hugo Man Extreme EDP 波士男士至尊香水75ml

Hugo Boss Hugo Man Extreme EDP 波士男士至尊香水75ml

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An enlivening men's perfume from HUGO, which is distinguished by the power of its fragrance blend: Lavender, sage and geranium combine with aromatic cedar wood and fir resin for an unmistakably masculine character.

The top note is based on green apple and completes the fragrance with a fresh potency.

瀰漫著青蘋果清新香氣的 Hugo Man Extreme 男士香氛承傳品牌標誌性的玻璃香氛瓶,比經典的版本達到更高層次的強烈質感。中調蘊含迷人薰衣草、鼠尾草與天竺葵香調;當中的雪松及杉香脂香調令基調更持久。如果你想尋找一款全新且新鮮的香氛,又要求獨特性與現代感,這絕對是一個很好的選擇。





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