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Hugo Boss Hugo Red Men EDT 紅色優客男士淡香水 40ml

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HUGO Red 是一款充滿冷熱兩重刺激的動感香水,讓您勇敢地去做獨一無二的自己,靈感來自冷熱金屬的對比。

香 調: 東方清新調 、 柑橘清新調
前 味: 金屬香氣、西柚、粉紅胡椒、白松香
中 味: 雪松、鳳梨、金屬香調
後 味: 熏草豆、琥珀

HUGO Red is a dynamic fragrance based on the tension between hot and cold. It is built around two contrasting accords: The ¡§Solid Chill¡¨ accord combines grapefruit in the top with rhubarb in the heart note.In contrast, the ¡§Liquid Heat¡¨ accord is characterised by warm cedarwood and hot amber. Fragrance notes: Oriental fresh notes, citrus fresh notes Top notes: metallic aroma, grapefruit, pink pepper, white rosin Middle notes: cedar, pineapple, metallic notes Base notes: smoked beans, amber

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