Dunhill London Icon Men EDP 登喜路倫敦標誌男士香水 100ml

Dunhill London Icon Men EDP 登喜路倫敦標誌男士香水 100ml

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Dunhill Icon is a true masculine fragrance in every way. Not only does Icon deliver as far as the scent is concerned. The design and shape of the 100ml bottle portray masculinity as well. It is perhaps why so many men buy this perfume and include it in their arsenal of fragrances. 

The eau de parfum has early notes of neroli and bergamot. As the scent continues to develop, you will also pick up pepper, cardamon and a hint of lavender. The finishing touch is of vetiver and oak moss. It is one of the true masculine scents on the market. 

前調 : 香檸檬, 奈若利橙花, 黑胡椒和苦橙葉

中調 : 薰衣草, 黑胡椒, 荳蔻, 鼠尾草和杜松漿果

後調 : 香根草, 沉香木, 皮革, 橡苔和鳶尾

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