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Dolce & Gabbana D&G L'Imperatrice Pour Femme EDT 塔羅牌3號皇后淡香水50ml/100ml

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Dolce&Gabbana L’Imperatrice combines exotic fruits with sensual flowers to create a juicy, delicious feminine scent, as bright and attractive as ever. The sweetness and delicacy of its fruity-floral notes form a striking contrast with the strength of the L’Imperatrice muse, highlighting her irresistible confidence and force of character.

D&G在2009年推出Fragrance Anthology系列香水集 以塔羅牌為靈感來源一次推出五款香水 L'Imperatrice 3-王后 甜美多汁的異國水果與亮粉紅的花朵 緊跟著令人胃口大開的麝香味基調,令人垂涎的西瓜與奇異果組合,被粉紅仙客來中和 散發出令人愉悅的性感香氛。

香調: 清新花果調

前調: 大黃根、奇異果、 紅醋栗

中調: 茉莉、 仙客來、 西瓜

基調: 柚木、 檀木、 麝香

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