Dolce & Gabbana D&G Light Blue Women EDT 淺藍女士淡香水 50ml/100ml/100ml Tester

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Truly the final puzzle piece to complete your aesthetic, the right fragrance will add just enough intrigue while creating a certain mood, evoking just the right memories, and simply enough, ensuring you smell great!

D&G杜嘉班納Light Blue淺藍自然清新持久女士淡香水

前調 令人振奮的西西裏雪松,融合蘋果的清脆甜美與風鈴草的樸實魅力,喚醒南義大利夏日的本質。  中調 清新的竹香,掩藏在頹廢茉莉與細膩白玫瑰的花香調裏,展現耀眼的女性特質。  後調 芬芳的香櫞,交織著情欲誘惑的琥珀與暗示挑逗的麝香氣味。 

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