Diptyque L'Eau Papier EDT 蒂普提克 - 紙墨之水淡香水100ml

Diptyque L'Eau Papier EDT 蒂普提克 - 紙墨之水淡香水100ml

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As ink soaks into a sheet of white paper, shadows emerge. Worlds are invented. L'Eau Papier celebrates the power of the imagination – that moment, suspended in time, when ink, paper and the hand become one. An encounter made perfume, plunging us into the heart of musk and its multiple facets.
Musk evolves, changes, expresses itself over time and from one skin to another, just as ink saturates paper, assuming its texture to conjure up dreams and images. In L'Eau Papier, white musks are delicately faceted by an accord of rice steam, evoking the grain of the paper. To these are added luminous notes of mimosa, while a backdrop of blonde wood tones grounds L'Eau Papier in the material itself.

墨痕於白色紙面漸漸散開,光影綻放,化成幻境。L'Eau Papier盡展想像之翼,以手、墨與紙共同凝聚獨一無二的創意瞬間。

一場獨具風韻的邂逅,直擊麝香香調核心,彰顯多重香氛魅力。 麝香浮動,於所有肌膚類型之上散發動人芬芳,恰似紙面悠然浸開的墨蹟,令夢想與畫面飛揚。 精妙米香與麝香相映成趣,淋漓盡致呈現紙面顆粒質感,再輔以明媚怡人的含羞草香氣與深植其間的流金木香,L'Eau Papier 可謂獨具風韻。



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