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Calvin Klein CK One EDT 中性淡香水 100ml/200ml

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Purity. Unity. Sensuality. Calvin Klein pioneered the unisex category as CK One entered the market as the first ¡§shared¡¨ fragrance, defying expectations and breaking boundaries. Clean and contemporary with a refreshing green tea signature throughout, it is intended to be used lavishly.

CK one's design is very special, the appearance is similar to jamaican rum bottle, with white transparent matte glass bottles, packaging is made of recycled paper made of ordinary cartons, which subverting the image of traditional perfume!

Top notes: bright and effervescent, a combination of bergamot, cardamom, tangerine, freesia and lavender

Mid notes: green tea accord that travels from top to bottom, contributing to the signature of ck one with expressions of violet, rose and orange flower

End notes: musk combined with amber create a sensuous drydown, completing the effect of fullness and warmth

"可否不分膚色的界限……"CK one 香水跟 Beyond 名曲有著相同的理念。

CK one 香水主打中性共用,希望大家不分種族、性別、年齡,共同分享這同一個世界,打破性別藩籬,甫推出市場即掀起一陣旋風。另外,CK 亦主張當年兩性親密共享、擺脫社會禮孝的束縛等思想。

在賦予香水價值以外,CK one 的設計亦"別用有心",其外型仿如牙買加朗姆酒瓶,用上白色透明的磨砂玻璃瓶,外包裝則用再生紙做成的普通紙盒,顛覆了一貫傳統香水的華麗形象!


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