Chloe Atelier Des Fleurs Verbena EDP 蔻依仙境花園-迷雾马鞭草女士香水50ml

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Nature is a precious source of fragrant flowers and aromatic leaves. Drawing on this wide variety of natural bouquets, the House of Chloé has collaborated with renowned perfumers to create the Atelier des Fleurs line. This prestigious collection comprises nine perfumes for women, each with a unique signature rooted in the perfumer’s memory. The fragrances are designed to work in harmony in endless combinations.

This aromatic Eau de Parfum takes perfumer Mylène Alran back to her parents' garden, where she would rub verbena between her hands as a child to keep the scent with her all day. Verbena brings a delicate freshness of lemon for a naturally radiant fragrance.

這款香水來自調香師的童年回憶,Mylene Alran 依然記得,小時候的她曾將父母花園裡芬芳的馬鞭草放在雙手間揉搓,並將香味散落在皮膚上,只為了讓那股香味伴隨自己一整天。 馬鞭草以精緻的檸檬類清新香氣和自然光澤,為整個香氛組合帶來了亮點。,是熱帶植物柑橘交響樂,上面點綴著閃亮的檸檬,散發出光采。

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