Cerruti 1881 Pour Homme EDT 切瑞蒂 1881男士淡香水100ml

Cerruti 1881 Pour Homme EDT 切瑞蒂 1881男士淡香水100ml

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Intrinsically linked to nature, the CERRUTI 1881 POUR HOMME fragrance captures the vibrant warmth of the Mediterranean; it combines sun-kissed spicy, herbal notes of wide-open spaces with lingering undertones of shady, velvety woods. The fragrance gives an overall impression of air, water and nature. Utterly distinctive, CERRUTI 1881 POUR HOMME is both discreet and refreshing, lingering and seductive - the ultimate in refined, timeless sophistication.

充滿森林氣息的綠色為主色調, 象徵詩意與香調的完美結合, 將男性塑造出優雅的風味, 並且充滿著自然的力量。





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