Cerruti 1881 Pour Femme EDT 切瑞蒂 1881女士淡香水50ml/100ml

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Cerruti 1881 Pour Femme is an elegant and intimate fragrance which captures the linen flower essence to combine it to soft woody notes. Easy to wear by day and sultry enough for the night, Cerruti 1881 is a bestselling perfume for women ideal for times that you want a subtle perfume that still makes a statement.

Among the top notes the delicate femininity of mimosa, freesia, and violet. At the heart, orange blossom and jasmine bring to mind the feel of linen on bare skin. Woody base notes underline the sophistication of the fragrance.
A sensual floral woody fragrance for a free-spirited women, it’s easy to see why Cerruti 1881 earned its reputation as one of the top perfumes for women.

CERRUTI的女香外觀設計採用了磨砂玻璃的質地,平行的球形瓶身如同一塊原材料,但雕琢的部位並不多,只是將精煉的純淨、自然等元素印予如同玉塊的石 頭之上,讓這款香水純樸如玉,但卻潛藏著一股莫名的神奇力量。清新的花香是這款女香的主要香料,溫和而精緻讓這款香水清晰而潔淨。

香 調: 木質花香調
前 味: 含羞草、鳶尾草、紫羅蘭、佛手柑、小蒼蘭
中 味: 橙花、洋甘菊、天竺葵、茉莉、紫檀、亞麻花
後 味: 香柏、琥珀、麝香、檀香 

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