Calvin Klein CK Obsession Women EDP 迷惑女士香水100ml/100ml Tester

Calvin Klein CK Obsession Women EDP 迷惑女士香水100ml/100ml Tester

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In the spring of 1985, Obsession set the world on fire with its powerful sensuality. It revolutionized the prestige fragrance business with its feverish intensity and irresistible appeal. Calvin Klein said, "I wanted to evoke the sensuality and ardor of an impassioned woman. A woman who allows herself to experience a romantic obsession and invites a man to do the same". When he asked the question, "Who hasn't felt passion beyond reason", he tapped into a special fantasy that all women could relate to.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Orange, Vanilla

Heart Notes: Spices, Sandalwood, Jasmine

Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Vetiver

當你決心要征服一個男人,也就是要“請君人瓮”的時候,Obsession就是你的好幫手。 迷惑(Obsession)由Calvin Klein公司於1985年推出。 其特點在於十分性感,頗具挑逗性。主張強烈地將自我的魅力散放到極致。

Calvin Klein說:“誰不曾有過暫時忘掉理智甘願受激情支配的難忘時刻呢? “這一句簡短的話。 就可以說明Obsession香水! Obsession的創作靈感源於卡文克來單身時對於女性魅力的迷忠,他曾迷惑於那-種難以抗拒的熱情及神秘。 Obsession瓶身圓潤,香味濃郁充滿甜昧,使人情不自禁。 “我想要捕捉那些女子的神秘,她們洋溢著羅曼蒂克的熱情,強烈地吸引男子進入間樣美妙的境界! 卡文 克萊年輕時這麼說。 這是卡文克菜推出的第一支香水。





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