Byredo De Los Santos EDP 百瑞德- 聖徒之聲中性香水100ml

Byredo De Los Santos EDP 百瑞德- 聖徒之聲中性香水100ml

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A scent created in celebration of life, De Los Santos incants memories and acknowledges the fleeting. An aromatic cloud of musk is pierced by the clarity of sage. The splendor of amber and incense is grounded by iris root and mirabelle.

Earthen notes of cistus flourish in dry heat. In homage to the traditions of Día de 
los Muertos and All Saints’ Day, De Los Santos captures the transcendent power of coming together in collective ceremonies, translating scent into a new ritual of remembrance.

Top: Clary Sage, Mirabelle

Heart: Orris, Ciste Oil

Base: Musks, Ambroxan, Palo Santo


前調: 鼠尾草、黃香李

中調 :勞丹脂、鳶尾花

基調 :龍涎香醚、麝香


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