Burberry Weekend Men EDT 周末男士淡香水 30ml/50ml/100ml/100ml Tester

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 The Fragrance Burberry Weekend Eau de Toilette is a natural, fresh, citrus aftershave. Burberry Weekend for men has a relaxed personality found in the outdoor spirit of the Burberry brand. With its handwritten logo style, Burberry weekend reflects the spontaneous attitude of the fragrance. A fresh citrus aftershave for men where the burst of Lemon and Grapefruit is softened by a subtle radiance coming from Amber and Honey.

Designed by Federico Restrepo, the glass bottle in a simple shape is adorned with a white logo and check trim. The cap is brushed silver engraved with the Burberry logo. The packaging is blue, with a classic check bordering the base.

Fragrance notes Top Notes: Fresh lemon

Heart Notes: Oak Moss

base Notes: Honey and Amber

香氛 Burberry週末淡香水是天然,新鮮,柑橘。男士Burberry Weekend在Burberry品牌的戶外精神中擁有輕鬆的個性。憑藉其手寫徽標風格,Burberry Weekend反映了香水的自發態度。男士專用的清新柑橘須後水,琥珀和蜂蜜的微妙光芒使檸檬和葡萄柚的香味變得柔和。

由費德里科·雷斯特雷波(Federico Restrepo)設計的簡單形狀的玻璃瓶裝飾有白色徽標和格紋。帽子是拉絲銀刻有Burberry徽標。包裝為藍色,底座上有經典的格紋。





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