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Anna Sui Secret Wish Fairy Dance EDT 漫舞精靈女士淡香水 30ml

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是一款花香水果香氛,從充滿玫瑰的花園中傳遞出午後的氣息。 溫暖的陽光照射皮膚,散發出濃郁的玫瑰香氣,以及甜美無憂的水果香氣。覆盆子,芒果和粉紅胡椒宣布了快樂和歡欣。 一顆心宣布用牡丹和竹子支撐的濃郁玫瑰花朵。 基調具有獨特的魅力和檀香,香草和香根草的溫暖。

香水的樽身由三面凹面的玻璃製成。 這款奢華而童話般的錶殼上飾有一個帶有小仙女的塞子。 香氣呈桃紅色,使瓶子看起來更加閃亮悅目。 外面的紙盒是淡粉色的,仙女在玫瑰花朵上無憂無慮地跳舞。這位優雅的仙女準備好跳舞,無憂無慮,充滿歡樂。 想像力的世界將帶您到一個充滿玫瑰和跳舞小仙女的天堂花園。 輕盈明亮的氛圍和柔和的色彩包裝展現了新作品的花香果香。

Anna Sui launches her new fragrance Fairy Dance - Secret Wish in February 2012. It is poured in a beautiful flacon with a fairy on its stopper. This graceful fairy is ready to dance, carefree and full of joy. The world of imagination will take you to a heavenly garden filled with roses and dancing little fairies. Light and luminous atmosphere and pastel colors of packages announce floral-fruity notes of the new composition. Fairy Dance Secret Wish is constructed as floral-fruity fragrance transmitting afternoon atmosphere from a garden full of roses. Warm rays of sun warm the skin and spread rich aromas of rose, as well as sweet and carefree fruity essences through the air.