Stella McCartney Stella EDP 史蒂娜女士香水 50ml

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Beautiful and unapologetically feminine, STELLA's scent composition is approachable and enduring.

Soft rosy floral top notes drive the fragrance, subtly balanced with sharp, fresh mandarin essence and light peony flower.

Intensifying and elongating the opening notes, the heart is pure rose, to represent absolute femininity.

Stella’s base notes give a strong, sensual finish. Resonating up through the rose accord, the masculinity of the amber contrasts the floral side, making it bold with a sensual finish.

The fragrance is contained in a faceted bottle inspired by an amethyst crystal, radiating an ombre of plum hues designed by Stella McCartney.





這款香水的香味來自一個由紫水晶水晶啟發的刻面瓶子,散發出由斯特拉·麥卡特尼(Stella McCartney)設計的李子色調。