Paul Smith Rose EDP 玫瑰女性香水 30ml

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前味:玫瑰(Paul Smith玫瑰﹑土耳其玫瑰精油﹑綠茶) 中味:木蘭花 後味:西西洋杉木 清新、現代、輕盈、獨特、上癮、性感,通常這些形容詞不會和玫瑰香氛聯想在一起,但當你噴上Paul Smith Rose的那一刻起,你將會拋去所有既有的認知,展開一場新的戀情。 因為這瓶香水加入了Paul Smith最著名的技巧–用他天生的巧思,將經典重新詮釋,呈現一種前衛高雅、近乎完美的香調,這就是一瓶專屬於新世代的玫瑰香氛。 Paul Smith Rose背後蘊含了一個溫馨的故事,其實這支香氛最主要的玫瑰品種,是以Paul Smith命名,“我的夫人,Pauline,創造了一個美妙的生日禮物,一種特別為我培育的玫瑰,而這也正是這瓶香氛的靈感來源。

Paul Smith Rose is a beautiful and luxurious fragrance. No blooms are harvested, crushed and distilled – instead the living flower is isolated in a glass bell and equipment is used to inhale the scent.

The rose’s scent is then blended with Turkish rose oil and green tea with a sparkle of violet and magnolia flowers. A woody accord, with cedar, provides depth and structure, which along with soft husks, give it an attractive and addictive quality. This Fragrance is truly fresh, individual, modern and memorable.

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