Narciso Rodriguez For Him EDT 納茜素 - 經典同名男性淡香水 100ml

Narciso Rodriguez For Him EDT 納茜素 - 經典同名男性淡香水 100ml

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Narciso Rodriguez for Him is a Perfume for man loaded with consistency, body and class. In fact, belongs to the olfactory family aromatic Fougere, one of the most traditional ones that exist. Result of the meticulous work of one of the perfumers most reputed in his time as Francis Kurkdjian, this fragrance can be buy Since 2007. The aroma of Narciso Rodriguez for Him It's really hard to describe, but without a doubt, it is so personal and unique thanks to its mixture of leaves of violet, amber, musk and patchouli. Everything to get a smell that surrounds who takes it and leaves a trail of subtle but full of character. And it is, today, smell well price.

Narciso Rodriguez for him EDT的氣味主要是:紫羅蘭葉、廣藿香、琥珀和麝香,前調是清新花香帶著很有深度的藥感,微苦的廣藿香和紫羅蘭葉之間的搭配給人一種非常乾淨的清香,再加上琥珀、麝香的層次搭配,就會顯得這款香水更加地細膩。

剛開始噴Narciso Rodriguez for him EDT的時候,味道不會一股腦衝上來,而是有一種循序漸進的節奏感,這樣味道散發出來就會更加地溫柔貼心。而且這款香水的留香時間非常持久,如果大家是噴在衣服上的話,幾天之後還是可以聞到隱隱的味道。


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