Moschino Funny! 愛情趣女士淡香水 EDT 50ml/100ml

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An uplifting perfume by Moschino launched at the end of spring 2007. It is a floral-fruity funny fragrance for young girls. The composition opens with red currants, spicy orange and pink pepper. The heart notes are green tea, jasmine, peony and violet, and the base unites cedar, amber and musk.Tthe base unites cedar, amber and musk. It is a day-time-use perfume, captured in 25ml, 50ml, and 100ml bottles, and coming with accompanying products – body lotion, shower gel, deodorant. The perfume was created by Antoine Maisondieu.


香調: 花果清新調
前味: 橙、紅醋栗、粉紅胡椒
中味: 茉莉、綠茶、牡丹、紫羅蘭
後味: 琥柏、麝香、雪松、青苔

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