Maison Margiela Replica Whispers In The Library EDT 馬丁馬吉拉圖書館私語中性淡香水 30ml/100ml

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Whispers in the library evokes the memory of a mysterious library made of antique woodwork perfectly waxed. The slowing down of time between books and the whispers of turning pages.
Inspired by the scent of wax wood and paper, the combination of pepper notes with woody and warm notes of cedar and vanilla recreates the atmosphere of an ancestral library.
This oriental woody Eau de Toilette is part of the REPLICA Collection.


前調:胡椒 橙花 廣藿香 鳶尾花

中調:安息香脂 零陵香豆 西普

基調:雪松 香草 鈴蘭草  

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