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Lancome The Best Of Lancome Fragrances 5pcs Set 女士香水小樣五件套裝

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Lancome(蘭金)女士迷你香水套裝 (5件裝),包括: 


品牌標誌性的香水,其輕柔曼妙的小蒼蘭和荔枝前調散發出迷人的女人味,中調的波旁胡椒、薑等辛辣強調著自信和獨立的氣質,後調的麝香和茉莉予人一種高貴優雅、平靜及溫暖的感覺。 經典的瓶身設計簡約純淨,讓人聯想起1930年代由知名的法國水晶品牌Lalique為Lancôme打造的香水瓶。

HYPNÔSE香水(5 毫升)

HYPNÔSE香水以溫暖性感的東方調,完美展現了純淨的女性特質,散發出誘惑的力量,迷人的花香調與香草調達到了平衡,賦予妳真正的感官享受。 前調以西番蓮掀起序幕,彷彿踏進了熱情的夏天,中調的雲呢拿甜美可人,融和後調香根草的獨特木香令人迷醉不已,魅惑眾生。

TRÉSOR香水 (7.5毫升)

一款以「愛」作為靈感而研發的香水,Lancôme希望藉由它表達「愛是珍寶,亦是永恆。真愛瞬間,每一刻都彌足珍貴。」的信念。 香氛以高貴的玫瑰及杏花開啟夢幻之旅,中調的繁花氣息撲鼻,混合琥珀、檀香、麝香等輕柔沈穩的香氣,描繪出溫柔細膩的模樣,傳遞被愛包圍、被愛呵護的雋永幸福感,令妳怦然心動。


LA VIE EST BELLE在法文的意思是「生活是美麗的」。1949年,Lancôme的藝術總監George Delhomme設計了一款獨特的微笑香水瓶,但這設計因當時工藝局限而被封存,直至63年後才隨著LA VIE EST BELLE香水系列面世,別有意思。 香水希冀以愉悅的香氣勾起用家的微笑,瓶頸上的絲巾像徵「雙翼」,帶領好心情一起展翅高飛。香氣由清甜雅淡的小蒼蘭、佛手柑作開端,中調的桂花及茉莉增添幾分柔情,再配合基調恬雅的廣霍香及鳶尾花,讓你沉醉於幸福與快樂中。

Trésor In Love香水(5毫升)

在Trésor香水面世20年後,品牌再度呈獻Trésor In Love,延續浪漫傳奇,演繹年輕女性對愛情的響往與追求。 前調加入佛手柑、油桃,香梨、紅胡椒子,散發微微酸甜,予人清新感覺;漸漸帶出中調的茉莉、土耳其玫瑰,優雅的玫瑰香味染遍全身每一個角落;基調的麝香和雪松縈繞著一股馥郁的幽香,讓您墜入甜美的愛情氛圍,更顯高雅的女性魅力。


MIRACLE EDP (5 ml) The signature fragrances of the brand. It opens with gentle and graceful notes of freesia and litchi to exude exquisite femininity. Its spicy heart echoes with notes of Magnolia, Jasmine, Ginger and Pepper as its warm base notes, filling you with elegant, calm and warm feeling. The bottle is classic, pure and transparent, reminiscent of a bottle created for Lancome in the 1930s by Lalique, world renowned French crystal manufacturer.

HYPNOSE EDP (5 ml) HYPNOSE EDP releases a warm and sexy oriental tone, perfectly embodies sublime femininity, exudes the power of temptation, and balances the charming floral and vanilla notes, gives you the sensory enjoyment. The Passion Flower makes an extraordinary radiant and youthful impression. Vanilla clings to skin to tempt and entangle with creamy softness. Warm Vetiver is surrounded by Passion Flower, to create a deep and lingering sensuality.

TRESOR EDP (7.5ml) A perfume inspired by "Love," Lancome hopes to express the belief of "love is treasures and eternity; love is precious at every moment." through it. The elegance of rose, mugent and lilac and the sparkle of peach and apricot blossom are just a few notes that define this luminous fragrance. Following by the Lilac, Iris notes, and blended with amber, sandalwood, musk and other soft and steady aroma, depicting a gentle and delicate appearance, with a romantic and smooth touch , that makes you feels surrounded by love.

LA VIE EST BELLE EDP (4ml) ¡§La vie est belle¡¨, a French expression meaning ¡§Life is beautiful¡¨. The modern design of the bottle is inspired by the concept of ¡§The Crystal Smile¡¨ created in 1949 by artistic director George Delhomme. This bottle captures Lanc?me founder Armand Petitjean¡¦s vision of femininity, represented here in the shape of a smile. This is a fragrance of joyful femininity, makes life more beautiful. The silk scarves on the bottleneck symbolize the "wings" and lead your good mood to fly high. This fragrance opening with the sweet and elegant freesia, bergamot notes, then sweet-scented osmanthus and jasmine add a little tenderness, coupled with the aroma of patchouli and iris, let you immersed in happiness and joy.

TRESOR IN LOVE EDP (5 ml) Twenty years after Tresor perfume was introduced, the brand presents Tresor In Love EDP, continuing the romance and legendary interpretation of young women's pursuit of love.