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JLO Glow EDT 女士淡香水 100ml

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香 調: 花香調
前 味: 桔花、葡萄柚、柑橘
中 味: 玫瑰、檀香、琥珀
後 味: 茉莉花、香草、白麝香、鳶尾花

Glow by jlo is Jennifer Lopez signature scent. Three harmonies meet and merge in the notes. First comes the freshness of neroli, orange blossom and pink grapefruit, this is followed by the sexiness of rose, sandalwood and amber. Finally clean notes of soft musk, jasmine, orris and vanilla in the base round out the scent. The result is a skin-scent - real, intimate, exciting. A scent as immaculate and creamy as a lush white rose. Fragrance: floral fragrance Top notes: orange blossom, grapefruit, citrus Middle notes: rose, sandalwood, amber Base notes: Jasmine, vanilla, white musk, iris