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JLO Jennifer Lopez Live EDP 珍愛女士香水 100ml

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Jennifer Lopez cherishes women's light fragrance, especially emphasizing her sexy charm and vitality and confident body language when dancing. The sweet and rich floral and fruity aromas echo the body temperature that gradually rises during the dance, and the sexy taste of the red currant hand-picked by Jennifer in the middle taste is impressive. The unique crystal glass bottle body and feminine curve design change colors with the angle. The contrast of the pearlescent fuchsia in the outer carton and the bright yellow on the inside is full of exoticism, as if to imply a sexy woman who looks sexy and charming but full of vitality and enthusiasm.

Top notes: Italian Orange, Sicilian Lemon, Pineapple

Middle notes: Spicy Violet, Redcurrant, Peony Warm

Base notes: Carmel Tonka Beans, Vanilla, Sandalwood

珍妮佛羅培茲的強力主打女香-Live Jennifer Lopez珍愛女性淡香精,格外強調她的性感魅力以及跳舞時活力四射充滿自信的肢體語言。甜美濃郁的花果香呼應狂舞時逐漸上升的體溫,珍妮佛欽點的紅醋栗在中味散發的性感氣息令人印象深刻。獨特水晶玻璃瓶身以及女人味十足的曲線設計隨著角度變換色彩讓人不禁想忘情旋 轉融入那繽紛的彩色漩渦。外紙盒的珠光紫紅色與內面鮮黃色對比搭配充滿異國風情,彷彿暗喻著一個外表性感嫵媚而內在充滿活力與熱情的完美女人。

活力前味 – 義大利柑橘(Italian Orange)、西西里檸檬(Sicilian Lemon)、鳳梨(Pineapple)
性感中味 – 辛香紫羅蘭(Spicy Violet)、紅醋栗(Redcurrant)、牡丹(Peony)
溫潤後味 – 焦糖零陵香豆(Carmel Tonka Beans)、香草(Vanilla)、檀木(Sandalwood)

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