Jaguar For Men EDT 捷豹同名男士淡香水100ml

Jaguar For Men EDT 捷豹同名男士淡香水100ml

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Almost 30 years ago, JAGUAR, renowned creators of the world's most aristocratic and stylish car, put its mark on a unique men's fragrance. Jaguar For Men was designed to live up to the lifestyle of a sophisticated gentleman, one who dresses elegantly yet with ease and knows how to combine fashion with it. This masterpiece has become a true classic among fragrances.

The legendary fragrance composition: a citrus-herbal fragrance reflecting the classic image of Jaguar. A harmony of bergamot, grapefruit, tangerine and orange evokes a note of freshness as a touch of gardenia gives it an original accent. Sensuality comes from its "heart" with nutmeg and cloves, while sandalwood, pine and cedar mix with patchouli for mysterious overtones. All based on masculine notes of amber, tobacco and leather.


在1988年Jaguar 推出了款以品牌同名的男性香水Jaguar 經典男香後,多年來傳遞著清新的木質氣息,讓男人在與時間賽跑的同時,也能夠細細品味傳統與創新的相容並蓄!

Jaguar 經典男香搭配符合品牌形象的墨綠色,香水融入了迷人又典雅的氣息,適合每個品味且享有成就的您!

香調: 木質清新調
前味: 丹參、 肉桂皮、 香木緣、 馬鞭草、 莞荽
中味: 百合、 老鶴草、 柏樹、 番紅花、 荳蔻
後味: 岩蘭草、 琥珀、 檀香、 麝香  

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