Hugo Boss Selection EDT 波士 - 卓越菁英男士淡香水 90ml

Hugo Boss Selection EDT 波士 - 卓越菁英男士淡香水 90ml

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Hugo Boss Selection begins with lively, bright top notes of fizzy hesperidic grapefruit and mandarin, infused with spicy pink peppercorn. At the heart of the fragrance, the traditional and refined fougere theme has been reinterpreted to create a new modern identity, with the aroma of geranium and cedar leaves, enlightened by star anise and petitgrain, expressing a clear and distinctive masculine character. The magnetic woody drydown of patchouli, vetiver and facets of cedar wood are rounded out by the softness of heliotrope and modern musky notes creating a smart, authentic signature.
Top note:, juicy grapefruit, mandarin, spicy pink peppercorn nuance
heart note: cedar leaves, star anise and petitgrain
Base note: patchouli,vetiver, cedarwood, heliotrope

這款Hugo Boss Selection,確實是在凸顯男士身上的各種精英品質,比如說剛毅、獨立、自信等等,在這款香水里都可以體現出來。


前調:  柚子,柑橘,辛香粉胡椒
中調: 杉樹葉,八角和苦橙葉

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