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Hugo Boss Bottled Night EDT 夜自信男士淡香水 30ml

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BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT的香味則是為了鼓勵他在夜晚的時候也能同時享受自信且令人無法抗拒的魅力所設計。是野心、獨特以及擁有男性魅力的特色,塗上它立即有如磁石般吸引所有人、成為眾人焦點。

BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT 大膽地將男性魅力香氣在香調上發揮得淋漓盡致,木質芳香調混合了活力的綠色植物香調,初調以及中調由白樺葉及小豆蔻組合而成。基調則是混合著濃郁的木質以及麝香。

BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT 複製了一種濃郁且特別的木質香調名 Louro amarelo。當這個香調綜合了麝香,巧妙的與易揮發的前調以及中調結合,將更加強基調所散發出男性令人無法抗拒的特質。

Destined to become the secret weapon in the BOSS man¡¦s armoury of seduction, BOSS Bottled Night affords him the same compelling presence at night that underpins his success by day. Invest in this intense and spicy fragrance, reminiscent of a rich, exotic new wood, Louro Amarelo, for an irresistibly masculine scent. A woody fragrance for sophisticated men Mysterious, seductive, warm and sensual Features notes of lavender, birch leaves, African violet &andlauro amarello wood. Perfect for evening wear