Hermes Kelly Caleche EDT 愛馬仕 - 凱莉驛馬車女性淡香水 100ml  (Tester)

Hermes Kelly Caleche EDT 愛馬仕 - 凱莉驛馬車女性淡香水 100ml (Tester)

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The house of Hermes presents a new and very interesting bottle for Kelly Caleche Pure Perfume, perfume extract of Kelly Caleche, in Autumn 2008. This innovative and very charming lock hides notes of sensual and gentle perfume dedicated to Kelly bag with discrete and elegant leather aromas. It is one of the products which made the house of Hermes highly respectable. Kelly Caleche, work of perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, attracts and seduces with its romantic mood and a fresh, luxurious trail of the composition. The small chain that hides this perfume inside its body can be hidden in your hand or purse and kept just for you. Reconstructed aromas of the first fragrance will enchant you with jasmine, mimosa, tuberose, iris, benzoin and discrete leather accords. Ladylike, youthful and aristocratic Kelly Caleche Pure Perfume is available in a bottle shaped like a silver chain.

Hermes專屬調香師調香師JEAN CLAUDE ELLENA在日前接受時報週刊專訪時表示:「快樂只有自己能體會,而精品帶來的愉悅,則是可以分享;至於香水則是既可共同分享快樂,同時又能讓自己享受到那種很個人化的開心!」而HERMES Caleche 經典女性香水正是HERMES在1961年推出的古典芬芳花香系列香水,有著HERMES經典的傳統,溫潤細緻的氣息細說著少女的情懷,是愛好HERMES香水迷不可或缺的一瓶香水。HERMES Caleche 經典女性香水瓶身簡單流暢的線條,優雅而大方,儘管經歷了四十餘年的歲月洗禮,這款舉世名的氣息依舊是許多香水迷最經典的收藏。

香 調: 東方花香調
前 味: 葡萄柚、胡椒、黑醋栗
中 味: 晚香玉、玫瑰、含羞草、鳶尾花
後 味: 麝香、勞丹脂、皮革

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