Gucci Rush 2 EDT 狂愛2女士淡香水 30ml

Gucci Rush 2 EDT 狂愛2女士淡香水 30ml

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Gucci Rush 2 by Gucci Perfume. If you're looking for a deliciously decadent scent that follows you all day and into the night, Gucci Rush 2 for women can handle the job. Created by Gucci in 2001, this gorgeous perfume is filled with floral notes such as gardenia, rose, lily and freesia that make you feel light and beautiful. This fragrance goes with any look you choose, whether it's a simple dress for a Saturday afternoon picnic or a gorgeous gown for a glamorous affair.

Top note:  rose, freesia, musk

heart note: Gardenia, lily, Palm Tree, Narcissus

Base note:  Musk, Black Currant, Oakmoss

Gucci Rush 2 香水,自從Gucci rush 成功之後,,意大利時尚品牌Gucci 推出Gucci Rush 2, 這種香味不遵循經典的香味結構,打開香水時可立刻立刻聞到香味是整體花香組成。這種清新芬芳的香味由絢麗的玫瑰,小蒼蘭和麝香開始。棕櫚,橡苔,水仙,木香協定創造感性的香味踪跡。Gucci Rush 2 香水是Michel Almairac 創建於2001年。

前調: 玫瑰,小蒼蘭,麝香


基調: 麝香,黑醋栗,橡苔 

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