Gucci Bloom Ambrosia Di Fiori EDP Intense 古馳 - 花悅馥意女士香水 50ml/100ml

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Presenting Ambrosia di Fiori, a new chapter of the Gucci Bloom story conceived by Alessandro Michele and created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas. Invoking a banquet of an ancient world, ambrosia was the sustenance of the Greek gods, thought to give immortality to those who drank it. The name of this precious nectar and the magic it evokes is woven into the scent’s vibrant bouquet. The blend begins with the original Gucci Bloom eau de parfum—a trio of Jasmine Bud extract, Tuberose, and Rangoon Creeper—combined with new ingredients that intensify the floral fragrance: the rare Velvety Orris—derived from Iris resin—originally used by ancient Greeks and Romans as an essential oil, and Damascena Rose—harvested in the early morning to give the powerful rendition of the flower.

品牌隆重呈獻由Alessandro Michele構思以及香水大師Alberto Morillas打造的Gucci Bloom全新香水Ambrosia di Fiori。仙饌密酒令人聯想起古代的盛宴,相傳能為希臘諸神提供養分,喝下之能獲得不死之身。品牌以Ambrosia 命名這款有強烈花香的香水,寓意彌足珍貴,令人著迷。香水是以原創的Gucci Bloom eau de parfum(由茉莉花蕾萃取、晚香玉及使君子三種材料)混調成基調,再結合能加強花香的全新材料 —— 來自愛爾蘭樹脂的珍貴絲絨鳶尾(起初由古希臘及羅馬人用作精油),以及特意於朝陽初升時採摘(花香更勝一籌)的突厥薔薇。 

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