Gucci Premiere EDP 經典奢華女士香水 75ml

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Gucci Premiere EDP慶祝每位女士明星。無論她是在電影首映還是在商務會議上向法庭求婚,她所有的時光都是黃金。她穿著一件無可挑剔的西服,就像高級禮服一樣轉動許多頭。恩典以姿態坐姿,美麗以力量坐姿。她享受自己的成就,並輕鬆地擁有自己的權威。無論她在哪裡找到自己,都會受到欽佩。她是現代人物。”

Gucci Premiere EDP celebrates the star in every woman. Whether she is holding court at a film opening or business meeting, all her moments are golden. She turns as many heads in an impeccably tailored suit as a couture gown. Grace sits with attitude, beauty with power. She enjoys her achievements and wears her authority with ease. Wherever she finds herself, she is met with admiratione. She is a modern icon."