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Davidoff Cool Water Men EDT 冷水男士淡香水 40ml

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Cool water香水是大衛杜夫男士香水傳世經典之作,1988年剛剛問世就憑藉其獨特的清新氣息迅速獲得大眾親睞,20多年來始終位列世界五大最暢銷男士香水之一。香水想要展現描繪的是富有海洋清新氣質與活力的俊朗男性形象。


Discover the power of cool: Cool Water Man from Davidoff. Inspired by the power of the ocean, this classic male scent has been giving men that vital feeling of intense freshness for over 25 years. With its sparkling marine vitality, this legendary fragrance is the story of a man who plunges into the water in a splendid dive and emerges re-energized.

Davidoff Cool Water is an fresh aromatic scent that bursts to the surface in swells of peppermint and lavender, then moves outwards with force and intensity in notes of oakmoss, geranium and sandalwood, before finally gliding into a long, warm flow of amber and musk. The archetypical blue flacon is a sleek, masculine, architectural bottle that encapsulates the essence of freshness.

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