Cosme Decorte Prime Latte Essential Softening Milk 酪梨嫩白平衡乳 150ml

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-It stores up moisture whilst softening skin deep down. Emulsion plays a special role in DECORTÉ skin care. Now we've developed an item that achieves the ultimate emulsion effect.
-Milk infused with fruit and plant oils, plus the fragrance of herbs, soothes the mind and body as it
-fills the skin with unbelievable softness. It imbues skin with an irresistible texture,and supports barrier function to keep skin hydrated and resistant to dryness.
- Even skin's texture becomes plumper, and translucence is increased.
Pores disappear, makeup goes on better— beautiful benefits just keep coming.

-儲存水分,同時深層軟化肌膚。 乳液在DECORTÉ皮膚護理中起著特殊的作用。 現在,我們開發了一種能夠達到極致乳液效果的物品。
-使皮膚充滿難以置信的柔軟度。 它賦予肌膚不可抗拒的質地,並具有屏障功能,以保持皮膚水分和抗干燥。