Cosme Decorte AQMW Neck Renew Cream 日本黛珂白檀彈力緊致頸霜 50g

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This neck cream will make your skin look beautiful, ageless, plump and full of volume, as it envelopes your neck in a veil of pure hydration for full support.
Skin tone is supported by moisturising ingredient Stem Rise iPG-N (Stem Rise iPG* and geranium robertianum extract). The skin on your neck is prone to thinning, but this product will make your skin look lifted, while at the same time making it supple.
It’s rich and luxurious to the touch, and spreads on smoothly, moisturising your neck where change appears so easily, and preventing hydration from evaporating, brightening your look.
Contains natural essential oils and sandalwood for a fragrance to unwind you.
*Stem Rise iPG is zizyphus jujuba fruit extract, acorus calamus root extract and glycerin.

Use at night on clean skin.
Using your fingertip, take a dollop about the size of a large pearl and apply to the base of your neck.
Use your palms to massage it in to skin.
(Can also be used in the morning, depending on the condition of your skin.)

黛珂Decorte AQMW白檀彈力緊致頸霜~ 黛珂白檀系列是初級抗老系列, 外貌協會看到這只雕花的容納盒就已經心動不已了吧! 特有的檀香,香而不膩的清新淡雅。 這款頸霜是一款專門為頸部護理設計的產品, 超級保濕不粘膩,滋潤度極佳。 助攻頸部豐盈緊致感, 一掃頸紋帶來的衰老感, 是頸霜中的白富美!

產品規格 50g


1 予以頸部肌膚穩固支撐般的柔潤滋養, 讓頸項部位張力飽滿,擁有令人無法察覺年齡的美麗印象。

2 提升肌膚機能的新保濕成分iPG-N,能積極促進張力的提升。 將纖薄的頸部肌膚變得更具彈力感的同時,締造清晰緊致的線條。

3 以豐盈、富有質感的觸感,光滑延展, 為易顯現各種變化的頸部賦予充盈滋潤和修護, 防止肌膚內部水分的逃逸,令肌膚緊實亮澤。

4 使用天然香氛精華油(香精),散發可撫慰身心的馨香。 使用方法 請使用於晚間保養時的清潔肌膚。 取一顆較大粒珍珠大小的量於指尖, 點於頸部,以整個手掌如按摩般塗展。 (也可根據自己肌膚狀態的需要,將頸霜用於早間保養。)

<有效的使用方法> 將一次使用量分2次分別延展、塗抹於頸部的左右兩側。 沿著筋肉的走向,細致地塗展,是保養的重點。

①由下往上、由中央往外側,斜著塗抹。 反復均勻塗抹,直至頸霜完全融合於肌膚。 (使用時,手與塗抹側相反,更易於將頸霜均勻地延展。)