Christian Dior Rouge Dior Couture Colour 傲姿唇膏 #999

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傲姿唇膏的時尚配方提供16小時*的舒適享受,無論任何色調、啞緻或絲滑質感,都能讓女性感覺快樂美妙。 備有一系列豐富的色調選擇,從傳奇紅調、活力珊瑚、熱情粉紅、浪漫玫瑰木到出乎意料的極致啞緻色調一應俱全。 真正萬眾渴求的妝物,傲姿唇膏的全新金屬設計蘊藏時尚小秘密:唇膏蓋內綴上Dior傳奇且性感的999紅調標記,增添矜貴氣質。 * 60位女性的自我評估測試結果。
With Rouge Dior and its 16h* comfort cult formula, women feel good, no matter the colour, no matter the satin or matte finish. A palette of colours with iconic reds, vibrant corals, passionate pink, romantic rosewoods and extreme, surpising matte shades. A true object of desire, Rouge Dior comes with a new metallic couture case crafted with secret little details; for a touch of personal luxury, the inside of each cap is attired in the Rouge 999 shade, Dior's unashamedly bold signature. * Self-assessment by 60 women