Christian Dior Miss Dior EDP 迪奥小姐女士香水 50ml

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Miss Dior Eau de Parfum celebrates the beauty of a sensual Grasse Rose wrapped in fresh notes and woven with a lively Rosewood. Like a ribbon, fresh notes of Calabrian Bergamot wrap around the top notes. Its heart combines the beauty of Grasse Rose with the boldness of Damascus Rose. The base of Rosewood and Pink Pepper notes gives the composition character.

歌頌格拉斯玫瑰的感性美態,Miss Dior香薰裹上清新的香調,體現與玫瑰木交織於一身的活潑香氣。 感性花香盡情綻放出現代女性的自信與氣質。 前調的卡拉布里亞佛手柑幻化為柔美的緞帶,包圍著主調那溫婉的格拉斯玫瑰與大膽無畏的大馬士革玫瑰。玫瑰木與粉紅胡椒的基調勾勒出澎湃熱情,突顯獨特個性。

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